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Lithium to PhoenixOS Upgrade - LX1010



Netvoyager products are constantly updated with new features, customer requirements and upgrades. The LX1010 upgrade is a major overhaul of the Netvoyager Thin Client operating system. We advise you to attempt the upgrade once, experiment with the features, and if its suitable, apply the upgrade process to the remaining LX1010 thin clients. We would appreciate any feedback on the new interface, performance and any views you may have or submit your comments to our technical forum.

Summary of Changes

As with all software, as their respective owners improve their software functionality and capabilities, the software becomes larger in terms of desktop footprint, and with all our endeavours we cannot fit all the features that we require into the LX1010 thin client's 128MB Flash memory. Therefore, but best compromise has resulted in the release of PhoenixOS v5.3.0 for the LX1010.

Features Lost Added Enhanced
Kernel and Core Libraries      
Printer Support   Added a whole new engine, CUPS, with detection facilities Significant increase in the number of printers supported including point of sale printers.
Firefox Browser     Updated to Version 3.x, with the latest JavaScript engine, Adobe Flash and PDF viewer
Remote Access Clients     Latest versions of RDP, ICA, X-Window, VNC, SSH and Telnet
Remote VNV services     Improved speed and performance
Remote Update     Significantly improved the remote update process, including detecting if there are updates
Web Management     Improved web management interface
General Management     Added an Info button to allow the user to advise the support team of their IP, Hostname and MAC Address
Introduction of the RequestSupport feature, allowing Netvoyager to provide remote support through HTTP VPN tunnelling
Added password recovery mechanism
Graphical User Interface     Improved overall graphical user interface
Added tab driven System Manager
Added better mouse sensitivity control
Video changes now no longer require a system reboot
More features to create hybrids of the desktop mode
Ericom PowerTerm Removed due to space restrictions    
Java Support Removed due to space restrictions    
ShellScript Removed due to space restrictions    
Tarantella Secure Global Desktop Removed due to space restrictions    
Citrix PN Agent Removed due to space restrictions    

Important Warnings

1 - The upgrade process cannot take place if a proxy is required to access the internet
2 - The upgrade is about 120MB and the process could take up to 20 minutes depending your internet connection
3 - All programs and data will be destroyed and replaced with the new firmware
4 - Lithium configuration files are not compatible with PhoenixOS configuration files and visa-versa
5 - If the upgrade fails, it could render your thin client un-usable, you will then have to revert to the USB Pen Drive Rescue Solution

The Upgrade Process

1- Make sure you know all your session details, as all the configuration will be lost in the process of the upgrade. The upgraded software configuration is not compatible with the old configs, so don't try to use them.

2- Put the script file on a FAT16 or FAT32 USB Pen Drive

3- Import the configuration file (F2 -> configuration -> import), the unit will reboot

4- Run the session called "upgrade script" (the unit needs to be connected to the internet without proxies)

5- Press 1 and ENTER to continue after the warning, or press 2 and ENTER to cancel

6- Depending on your internet connection, it will take some time to download the whole new OS (approximately 10~20 minutes)

7- Once the download and upgrade is complete, the LX1010 thin client will reboot with the new OS