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The author of the study Dr. John Spencer said: “Becta-approved ICT suppliers are selling equipment that they can’t afford to support. It’s like buying a car and then having to employ your own full-time mechanic to keep it on the road.

Unable to pay commercial rates for support and burdened with over-complex ICT Systems, most schools are forced to employ more technical support staff and as a result spend over half their ICT budgets on salaries. The report concludes the way forward is Open Source thin-client networks, “they don’t get Windows viruses and can be managed by one person from the server room.”

Ossett School are inviting local key decision makers within education to see and hear first hand how computer technology can and will in the future, be effectively and economically employed in an educational environment.


08:30 : Coffee
09:15 : 09:30 Introduction
09:30 : 10:00 Re-thinking technology in Education
10:00 : 10:30 Enabling the change of technology “Thin Client” ~ Netvoyager Technology Limited
10:30 : 10:45 Questions & Answers
10:45 : 11:00 Coffee
11:00 : 12:00 Enabling the change of technology “Presentation Equipment/Video Conferencing ” ~ Promethean
12:00 : 12:15 Questions & Answers
12:15 : 13:00 Lunch
13:00 : 14:00 Enabling the change of technology cont’ “Virtualisation/Hosted Services”
14:00 : 14:15 Questions & Answers
14:15 : 14:30 Coffee
14:30 : 15:30 Enabling the change in technology “Fujitsu”
15:30 : 15:45 Questions & Answers
16:00 Finish

Venue i-Base Ossett School & Sixth Form College, Wakefield. Dates 24th, and 31st January 2008.

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