Welcome to the September issue of Netvoyager Technology in Action, the thin client and server-based computing newsletter.

This month we look at the solution to the PC virus empidemic and optimisation of servers. We also discuss how to use ADSL effectively for remote office use with thin client and server-based technology.

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Viruses make PCs hell. Want a solution that kills viruses dead?
In todays world of virus epidemics, uncontrolled software upload and constant change of applications, you cannot afford not to have a strategic desktop solution. This will remove the client-side virus issues and give you a whole host of business technology benefits. Virus and security issues are high on the corporate agenda, read on....

Having server performance issues? One solution - multiple cures
Are you witnessing rogue application behaviour on your Citrix/Terminal Server? Are you suffering user capacity issues? TSCALE is a simple system tool that automatically optimises your server resource usage and gives you immediate realistic gains;

Reduces unnecessary hardware investment
Reduce the amount of RAM & CPU capacity used by applications unnecessarily
Throttle and control rogue applications that utilise RAM and CPU uncontrollably which affects the entire system
Add more users per server without additional cost
Reduce administration and trouble shooting overheads
Reduce business risk, increase ROI and reduce the TCO
Get an average of 40% improvement on performance and resources, effectively a free server for every three servers TScale is installed on for just under £299.

Server-based computing is all about resource management and distribution at the server-core. TSCALE is a must in any management toolbag.

The ultimate alternative to Citrix MetaFrame
Targeted for the Microsoft-centric enterprise, the Secure Global Desktop from Tarantella, Terminal Services Edition (TSE), is the ultimate companion to Windows® Terminal Services in Windows 2000/2003 Server. TSE offers enhanced security for server-based application access, load balancing for managing larger numbers of users and servers. It also adds policy-based application management services which are not available in Terminal Services.

TSE’s native support for the RDP protocol to access applications preserves your investment in Microsoft IT infrastructure. TSE software concurrent licenses are offered for FREE with the purchase of a two-year maintenance agreement for £36 per user, when compared to a minimum cost of £250 per user for Citrix.

Using thin clients and ADSL for remote sites, an implementation reality?
With the availability of high speed business grade ADSL nationally, it starts to make sense to consider this method of connectivity for branch offices and utilising Netvoyager thin clients to access head office applications. Is this setup feasible or practicle? It is, if implemented wisely, read on....

Thin Clients are the healthy option
Save energy and help preserve the environment by using Netvoyager thin clients. Our products consume significantly less energy than traditional PCs, you will save on electricity bills and help protect the environment. Visit our energy savings calculator and see what kind of savings you'll acheive. You may also get government grant!

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