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4 Good Reasons Why Netvoyager Thin Client Desktops Provide Real Savings Within Your NHS IT Strategy

Welcome to the August 2007 issue of Netvoyager Technology in Action, the thin client and server-based computing newsletter.

This month we invite you to join us at our free server-based computing Forum at Manchester United, were we look at server virtualisation and application virtualisation.

Netvoyager LX-1010 thin client desktop PC alternative @ £159 ex VAT & delivery


Netvoyager launches £99 miniature thin client
Netvoyager launches an innovative miniature thin client supporting MS Terminal Services, Citrix and X-Windows for only £99, the first to market breaking the £100 barrier. Consuming only 10 Watts making it the most energy efficient desktop on the market today for the performance and features it provides, credentials which are hard to beat.

Netvoyager LX1000 Thin Client

Free Server-based Computing & Virtualisation Seminar
Netvoyager in association with SWSoft and Ericom are delighted to announce SBC Forum September 2007. This FREE event will take place at Manchester United's Old Trafford on Tuesday 11th September 2007. The day will consist of a number of keynote presentations, sumptuous buffet lunch, Q&A and product demonstrations. Click here to register for free....

SBC 2007 Forum

Netvoyager partners with SWSoft to bring you Extreme Virtualisation
Virtuozzo is an OS virtualisation solution. Virtuozzo creates isolated OS partitions or virtual environments on a single physical server to utilise hardware, software, data centre and management resources with maximum efficiency.

- Costs less to purchase and manage than VMWare
- Intelligent Partitioning divides a server into hundreds of VEs
- Complete Isolation ensures that VEs are secure and isolated.
- Dynamic Resource Allocation of key system resources such as CPU, memory, network, disk and I/O enables near real-time changes.
- Live Migration and other business continuity capabilities ensure data is available and recoverable.
- Consolidate multiple OS servers and reduce energy consumption.
SWSoft Server Virtualisation

The Ultimate alternative to Citrix Presentation Server
Targeted for the Microsoft-centric enterprise, Ericom WebConnect RemoteView is the ultimate companion to Windows® Server Terminal Services.

Ericom WebConnect RemoteView offers enhanced security, load balancing for managing larger numbers of users and servers and VDI. It also adds policy-based application management services which are not available in Terminal Services. WebConnect’s native support for the RDP protocol preserves your investment in Microsoft IT infrastructure and improves your application delivery.

WebConnect RemoteView concurrent licenses are offered at £99 each including two-year maintenance agreement, when compared to a minimum cost of £160 per user for Citrix.

Ericom Application Virtualisation
Thin Clients are the healthy option
Save energy, reduce your bills and help preserve the environment by using Netvoyager thin clients. Our products consume 90% less energy than traditional PCs.
  Need to find out more about Netvoyager thin clients and server-based computing?
- What is a thin client?
- What is server-based computing?
- How to measure your TCO?
- How to capacity plan?
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