Press Release - Netvoyager Thin Client Technology Wins Channel Network Award 2008

London, England, 16th October 2008 - Netvoyager plc, a leading manufacturer of Linux and Windows based thin client devices wins "Innovative New Application Solution" category led by our channel partner ICT Networks Limited.

ICT Networks and Netvoyager beat 3 other very strong contenders (Anglia Business Solutions Limited with their customer Produce World who is also a Netvoyager product user, ANS Group plc with their customer Sheffield Hospital and Teneo with their customer NPS Group).

The judges were impressed by the simplicity of the solution and the empowerment it provides educational professionals and their students. "We are delighted to be associated with forward thinking teams at ICT Networks and Haywood High School who deserve this award", said Jamil Aboulzelof, Netvoyager CEO.

Netvoyager thin clients were deployed at Haywood High School as part of their ICT strategy for internal use as well as remote access to the school portal and applications by students at their homes.

ICT Networks, Haywood ICT team and Netvoyager worked closely to develop an innovative solution that changes the way ICT delivers school educational content internally as well as beyond the school parameter.

Overview of the Solution: Haywood High School and Engineering college, an award winning and forward thinking teaching organisation, has always delivered high standards to its 1000 plus pupils. One of its objectives for 2007/2008 is to extend the learning environment across its campus as well as outside the school perimeter by giving students access to the e-learning school portal.

Background: The brief given was to provide the school with a solution that extends the number of desktops at the school and allow some 250 students who had no access to a home PC to connect to the schools e-learning portal. The school also wanted to achieve the below objectives in addition to the main criteria listed above, which included:

+ Annual IT cost saving across the site
+ Fast application access over low bandwidth links
+ Real time access to student records
+ Centralised IT management of all desktop assets
+ Increase staff and student productivity through IT
+ Reduce support overhead
+ e-Learning strategy extension
+ Digital Inclusion solution that can be achieved without the PC and specialised network capital expenditure.
+ Green IT Framework

Proposed Solution: The solution involved centralised servers and distributed thin client devices. ICT Networks demonstrated Netvoyager thin clients and Citrix Presentation Server which delivered all the basic criteria and even more extended features without the compromise. Netvoyager thin clients embedded browsers were also used to access data in a controlled environment.

The typical applications that the school wanted to deliver to the students ranged from general text to graphics and included some of the below:

+ Microsoft Office, Encarta tools
+ 2D Design CAD, Prometric 3D
+ SIMS Curriculum Management
+ Boardworks, EasyTeach
+ Vast range of education applications
+ Adobe Dreamweaver
+ External school portal web access

Giving out substandard laptops just was not an option, as the failure and damage rate it quite high, and the aspect of them being lost or stolen was not appealing. There has been a great demand for the thin clients because the pupils can access the portal and educational software, whilst staff can do the same, who also find it a fantastic resource as well. At the same time, making provisioning and deployment very simple and easy for my team to support.

If this project was implemented using a traditional PC, it would have been more expensive to manager, acquire, deploy and virtually impossible to provide support to students at home. This project has been very successful and supported both by the students and their parents.

About Netvoyager plc
Netvoyager plc, London - England, is a leading thin client manufacturer and server-based computing specialist. Established in 1999, Netvoyager also has strategic alliances with Microsoft, Citrix and Tarantella, the leaders in server-based computing. Netvoyager products and services leverage open technologies and eliminates the costs associated with traditional PC architectures. Netvoyager enables enterprises to take advantage of server-based computing (Citrix, Microsoft Terminal Services, Linux and Virtual Desktop Technologies) to provide increased flexibility and choice, as well as lower up-front expenditure and reduced total cost of ownership. More information about Netvoyager plc and its products can be found at and can be contacted via email at

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