Press Release - Netvoyager Introduces the most powerful thin client integrated in a 17" LCD monitor- Neterm LX-1040

London, March 14, 2005, Netvoyager plc, the leading UK thin client manufacture and solution provider today released the most powerful thin client integrated in a 17" LCD monitor.

The Netvoyager Neterm LX-1040 features 1Ghz Intel class VIA Eden processor, 17" high performance LCD monitor, in an elegant and space saving integrated package for £569.

The Netvoyager LX-1040 is the most powerful integrated, flat-panel thin client appliance available, offering video and application performance

comparable to today's most modern PCs. The LX-1040 lets you run Windows® and Unix/Linux applications from a server, plus connect to mainframes, UNIX/Linux servers and the Internet with the local Firefox web browser.

This product is unique in its integration with a 17" LCD and 1Ghz CPU, which is the largest format and the fastest processing power to date. Further differentiation include Netvoyager's feature rich operating system which includes support for over 8 server protocol technologies including Citrix MetaFrame, Microsoft Terminal Server, Tarantella and X-Windows.

The Neterm LX-1040 is powered by a Linux core operating system, therefore providing Linux's legendary stability, customisation and performance.

This integrated thin client and LCD, provides long term processing power as well as reduced power consumption and increased space efficiency for space limited environments. The LX-1040 can be used in all environments including office, hospitality, healthcare and industrial.

Jamil Aboulzelof, Managing Director said: "The Neterm LX-1040 takes thin client functionality and integration to the next level. Its power and simplicity makes it an ideal computing ‘appliance’ , simply plug-n-go, and all the corporate applications are instantly available to the user. As more companies, large and small, are turning to server-centric computing, we intend to continue to invest in new advancements in thin-client technology to address this growing market."

Applications run on standard Windows and Unix/Linux servers, and display on thin client appliances across a network with all the performance of a traditional personal computer, but with significantly enhanced security, reliability, and manageability, and at lower cost of ownership and a better return on investment. Netvoyager thin client desktop appliances are an ideal alternative to PCs and completely eliminate virus and the constant software updates that PCs suffer from. Netvoyager offers a diverse range of thin client appliances and software, including thin clients that run Windows(R) CE .Net, Windows XP Embedded, and Linux.

About Netvoyager plc
Netvoyager plc, London - England, is a leading thin client manufacturer and server-based computing specialist. Established in 1999, Netvoyager also has strategic alliances with Microsoft, Citrix and Tarantella, the leaders in server-based computing

Netvoyager products and services leverage open technologies and eliminates the costs associated with traditional PC architectures. Netvoyager enables enterprises to take advantage of server-based computing (Citrix MetaFrame & Microsoft Terminal Service) to provide increased flexibility and choice, as well as lower up-front expenditure and reduced total cost of ownership.

Netvoyager's products enable enterprises to gain control of their desktops and access mainframe, midrange, UNIX, Linux, Windows and web applications from a single compact device. More information about Netvoyager plc and its products can be found at and can be contacted via email at

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