Press Release - Netvoyager and Serano Networks forge a strategic partnership

22nd July, 2002 - London, England, Netvoyager and Serano Networks have forged a strategic partnership to develop in-room solutions for the hospitality sector. In addition, Serano will be developing thin client solutions for the SME market based on Netvoyager products coupled with their wireless/fixed-wire broadband technology, a market which is growing year on year, and developing more technically sophisticated demands which are not being met by current service providers.

Netvoyager and Serano are working together to provide an integrated solution for high-performance interactive broadband in-room solutions based on Netvoyager thin client technology and Serano network solutions. The current solutions include access devices, subscriber management and remote management of distributed devices connected to high speed wireless networks.

About The Serano Group
The group was formed in July 2000 by Robert Condon, a telecoms industry veteran with over 25 years experience in the development and operational management of large scale public wireless/wireline voice and data telecommunications networks, with roles including CEO of Hutchison Telecom UK and Atlantic Telecom. Serano is principally involved in the investment, development, construction and management of wireless telecommunications/Internet Protocol (IP) networks. In addition, the group has an investment fund with a portfolio of Internet/software related companies.

About Netvoyager PLC
Netvoyager is a leading, UK based, software development house of thin client and interactive TV technology. Established in 1999, Netvoyager has focused on the growing thin client and iTV market and has developed a portfolio of complementary products. Netvoyager has strategic alliances with Microsoft, Citrix and IBM. For further information please

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