Press Release - First British designed thin client launched in the UK

February 8, 2002, London, England, Netvoyager is to launch the first in its portfolio of thin client units on Thursday, February 14th. The CE-1010, uses an industry-standard operating system, and offers a low-cost, high-powered alternative to PCs.

Key features include:
- Plug and play installation
- Low total cost of ownership
- Centralised control of security, maintenance and upgrades
- Flexibility to provide tailored technology solutions
- Industry standard Microsoft Windows CE operating system

Designed in the UK by Netvoyager, and manufactured by one of the largest motherboard manufacturers in the world, the CE-1010 offers the flexibility to meet the diverse needs of business IT.

Netvoyager is currently in advanced talks with a number of distributors and resellers keen to stock the CE-1010 and evaluation units are available to qualified buyers on request.

Thin client technology is the fastest growing area of business IT as it drives processing away from the desk-top to the servers. This has the benefit of centralised maintenance and lower total cost of ownership.

Established technology players, Microsoft and Citrix, are fuelling the momentum behind thin client technology and leading industry analysts have predicted that thin client sales will overtake those of PCs.

About Netvoyager PLC
Netvoyager is a leading, UK based, software development house of thin client and interactive TV technology. Established in 1999, Netvoyager has focused on the growing thin client and iTV market and has developed a portfolio of complementary products. Netvoyager has strategic alliances with Microsoft, Citrix and IBM. For further information please

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