Press Release - Netvoyager design team wins Radio Authority project

October 01, 2001, London. Netvoyager has won the contract to redesign the Radio Authority’s corporate web site. The project will involve taking the 2,500 file site, reskinning it and enhancing its back end functionality.

“We are delighted to have won the contract, the Radio Authority are a forward thinking and progressive organisation and they were keen that there web site should reflect this,” said Netvoyager marketing manager, Paul Twite.

“The old site was in need of rethinking in terms of style and structure and the Radio Authority were quick to recognise this. We will be working closely in conjunction with their development team to come up with a classy, simple to navigate site.”

Netvoyager’s brief will include overseeing the redesign in time for a January launch and making sure the authority is able to adapt and amend the site with it’s own internal resources.
“We wanted to make the cost structure clear to the client from the start, too often the client can be left with some nasty surprises when it comes to site updates or adaptation,”said Twite. “We are not in the business of generating cash out of clients by changing a gif file in a navigation bar and calling it an author’s correction.”

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