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October 20, 2000, (OTC BB: EBNK), a leader in providing low-cost, real-time, streaming financial information over the Internet, today announced a strategic alliance with, the inventor of a first-of-its kind-'net appliance' that allows media-rich Internet pages to be viewed over a television set.

AlphaTrade is one of the first companies to be packaged with Netvoyager and included on Netvoyager's hardware and portal which is slated for delivery by the end of this year. Gordon Muir, Alphatrade's CEO and Chairman states, "There is tremendous market potential with Netvoyager. This alliance will enable millions of investors in the UK and Europe direct access to our unique Internet-based financial applications through their television sets via the Netvoyager system."

Research shows that currently 70% of the UK market does not own a PC and of the 30% that do, only 15% have access to the Internet and use it for limited purposes, i.e., electronic shopping and sporadic surfing of the net. Netvoyager's technology makes the TV, whether in the home, office or hotel a complete entertainment and information provider, replacing the need for a PC to access the financial markets using the Internet. This translates into a potential market in excess of 16 million homes in the UK alone.

Netvoyager's technology can easily be integrated into the North American markets and will out perform any of the current competitive products. "We are proud to be the provider of real-time, streaming financial applications for Netvoyager's unique set-top box and to have aligned ourselves with Netvoyager at this time," states Mr Muir."For Alphatrade's benefit, the growth and development of Netvoyager will open the door to millions of television viewers throughout the UK and Europe who can now utilize our real-time investment information service easily and at a reasonable cost."

Currently, there is no product available that provides the user with complete access to surfing the latest websites that are Flash, Realplayer, Java or JavaScript based in conjunction with a secure high speed connection essential for online trading. This of course eliminates many sites. Netvoyager enables even the computer illiterate user to travel through the complex world of the Internet with ease and to use applications such as E-Gate just like a professional. Terms of the Alphatrade-Netvoyager partnership were not disclosed.

AlphaTrade is an e-commerce, Internet-based corporation with a unique and proprietary product called E-Gate. The company's goal is to provide investors access to financial information at less cost and greater convenience than any other existing product on the market today. AlphaTrade can be found on the worldwide web at:

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Netvoyager is a leading, UK based, software development house of thin client and interactive TV technology. Established in 1999, Netvoyager has focused on the growing thin client and iTV market and has developed a portfolio of complementary products. Netvoyager has strategic alliances with Microsoft, Citrix and IBM. For further information please

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